Why You Should Consider Flyer Distribution When Opening A New Restaurant

Opening a new restaurant is certainly stressful. There are so many details to think about, such as choosing the right concept and menu, finding the perfect location, hiring a staff door hanger distribution and getting everyone trained and ready for the grand opening. However, once all these details have been determined and the dust has settled a little, you need to focus your efforts on getting the word out about your new restaurant. One of the best ways to do this is through direct door-to-door marketing. If you haven’t thought about why this can be an excellent option for your new business, here are a few reasons.

Door-To-Door Flyer Distribution Is Affordable

Flyer distribution is one of the least expensive forms of marketing available, which makes it ideal for new restaurants that are facing a lot of expenses. Additionally, you can choose to conduct campaigns on an ongoing basis, which helps you spread out the costs so you’re not hit with a big bill all at once.

Target Customers In A Specific Geographic Area

Large-scale internet marketing is a great choice for many businesses, however it can be expensive. Additionally, there’s no real way to market your message to customers who are only in your geographic area, which means you can pay a lot of money for marketing that never even reaches your target audience. However, unlike large-scale internet marketing, door-to-door flyer distribution can be targeted to just one specific geographic area. This can be ideal if you have a small delivery range and want to let potential customers know that your restaurant is willing to bring food directly to them. This can bring down your per conversion cost to a more manageable level.

Your Customers Can Hold On To Your Menu

Chances are good that you have a stack of takeout menus in your home. While it’s true that most restaurants do provide their menus online, having them easily accessible in their own homes can help customers decide what they want to eat when they’re hungry and looking for takeout. When you use flyer distribution to advertise your new restaurant, potential customers can hold on to your menu until they decide to give it a try.

Door-To-Door Flyer Distribution Can Increase Orders

Lastly, because customers will be able to keep a menu in their own homes, many restaurants will see an increase in takeout orders after flyer distribution. When you’re just starting out, many locals won’t know that your business exists, or, they may know that there’s a new restaurant near their home, but they don’t know what it’s called. When hungry customers have your name, contact information and menu right in their own homes, it’s easier for them to place an order.

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