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Glamorose Lashes is well known among major Wholesale Eyelash Vendors worldwide as a popular, renowned Eyelash manufacturer and wholesale lashes distributor. The products are available at retail price. The wholesale prices are in the range of twenty to eighty dollars per piece. They have a large selection of products which are suitable for both mature and young women, who want beautiful eyelashes. They have a wide range of lashes available in different colors such as black, brown, blue, green, grey, red, yellow, white, pink, peach, plum, purple and so forth.

Lash vendors offer many attractive packaging options and designs such as, eye-catching eyes, pink shimmering, butterfly swirls, glittery, long flowing lashes, ultra sheer, lush lashes and many more. The packages are offered with complimentary eye shadow, mascara, lip gloss and eye cream. The eye shadows come in a number of colors such as, bronze, brown, and black. Mascara comes in black, blue, dark gray, and pinks. Lip glosses are available in nude, pink, yellow and coral colors.

lash vendors offer a wide variety of eye shadow and mascara in a number of brand names. The products include shades such as, Anastasia 18k, Anna Sui 24k, Bella 19, Chanel No. 5, Dolce Gabbana 24k, Elizabeth Arden Choices, Estee Lauder Choices, Gucci Bottled Blush, Hello Kitty by Donghai, Illume Volupte, Kate Spade Pansy Tealight, Kitty black, Khmer Gold, LipSense RTA, Mon Cheri Pink Pearl. Eyelash lengthening products include Aveda Long-Lasting Silk Water-resistant Long-Lasting Volumizing Serum, eyeliner pencils, Elizabeth Arden Eye-Pencil in Black Opaque, eyelash extensions, Lancome Eyeshadow Duo, and Pure Romance Serums. For the eyes, wholesale lash vendors stock the Elizabeth Arden Sheer Eye makeup in black and nude. Other mascara is offered by Maybelline, Juicy Couture, and Physicians Formula.

The wholesale lash dealers provide customers with the best quality products at affordable prices. They also stock a wide range of mascara in different colors, shades and price ranges. Customized eyelash packages are offered by wholesale lash retailers such as Lash Products, Focus Bracelets, and Kat Von D. The customized eyelash packages contain lashes that are specifically designed and suitable for a woman’s individual needs. The packages can be personalized with names and initials, or the name of a special occasion if that is appropriate.

Some of the best wholesale retailers of eyelash extensions are located on the Internet. These retailers are able to offer customers lower prices than those found in retail stores, and they can deliver the products to a customer’s door. Some of the Internet-based vendors are Herbalife, Aloette, and Voluspa.

There are many benefits of using the Internet to purchase luxury lashes. One of the biggest benefits is that a woman does not have to leave home to shop. Most people spend too much time and money traveling to visit department stores, boutiques and specialty stores to find the right mascara. Online shopping saves time and money, because a customer does not have to drive around. Instead of spending valuable time and gas, a customer can look up a product on the Internet in her pajamas. Online merchants are able to ship to almost anywhere in the US.

Customers are able to purchase either single coats or custom lash boxes from these online vendors. Customers can browse a selection of lashes on the vendor’s website, make their selection, pay for their order and have it delivered right to their front door. The Internet allows customers to become “professional” makeup artists. They can create their own beautiful catalogs of eye shadows, eyelash samples, lash glue, mascara and lash tape themselves.

Currently the top three wholesale lash manufacturers are Colgate, Voluspa and AHA. The top three distributors are Shiseido, Maybelline and L’Oreal. Visit our site to see a list of all the leading vendors and get your FREE mini lash application samples, free mini eyelash mascara and free eye lash clasps.

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