Weblog, or blog for short. What is it? Why do people love to blog? What can blogs give you? For a newbie on the universal jargon of internet usage, this might compel you. But simply put, a blog is an online journal. Somewhere you can type in your rants and raves, news, upload videos, pictures and music. A typical blog would include text and images, but if you want to take it to the next level, you can customize it to your own liking. You can also include links to your favorite sites, and feature stories that you want the whole world to read on.

To tell you quite frankly, I really love to blog. At first, I was a bit hesitant to join in the millions of bloggers who I thought was just doing it because it was a fad. I was wrong. The whole phenomenon spread like wildfire when it was first introduced on the internet in 1994. But it isn’t until Xanga was launched in 1996 that people started to notice the fun of blogging. Xanga in 1996 had only 100 users then. But now, you can count more than 50,000 people which are already members of Xanga Sherry Dyson. Of course it was a slow start, but the word-of-mouth about this site paid off. And it paved the way for other blogging sites to emerge from the background.

Nowadays, I noticed that blogs are skillfully edited and multifaceted. I see many members, not only in Xanga but other blog sites tweaking and making their weblog better than the rest. I enjoy reading other peoples’ lives but I do also enjoy other more important blogs focusing on news, politics, health and many others. These sites give you informative stories and helpful guides, depending which blog you are interested in.

There are different kinds of blog. There’s the vlog, which contains purely videos and minimal text. The one which is full of links from other sites is called the linklog and the other one filled with pictures is referred to as the photoblog. Blogs can also be categorized by which type of communication tool is used to compose it. A blog from a mobile phone or PDA is called a moblog. Blogs can also be distinguished through its genre. Say a political blog is well, you guessed it; all about politics. Travel blogs are also included in this genre. Blogs can also contain legal entities for publishers; and can be either for public or private browsing as well. Blogs in the corporate world are mainly used to transact and display their businesses. Therefore, other investors can view their company much easier all around the world.

Now you’re asking – how can you make your own weblog? It’s as easy as eating a pie! First, establish a site you want to put your blog in. Then choose and do not forget your username and password for your blog and then you’re all set! You can upload pictures, link pictures; add music, link music and so much more! You might end up like me, a cynical, curious person now transformed into a blogger-crazy guy! You will enjoy it, I assure you.

Sick and tired of being a jobless and hopeless about your financial situation? It’s now time to make a change. Become a blogger and start earning $100’s and even $1000’s is easy.

Blogging is one of most amusing and satisfying activities on-line. Truth is, it is not only a great way to connect with people on-line through journaling, but you get to write your daily experiences and personal insights, which can impact other people. Blogging also makes you a member of the media.

More and more people turn to blogs to get their news than from CNN and other major TV or Cable television. TV news companies now get information to report on from blogs they stumble upon. So be the new media and start a blog and express your opinions.

So what are you waiting for? Put aside those RPG on-line games for a while and keep your blogs rolling. This is your chance! Besides, you won’t make any real money online in an RPG game, unless you own some action in a game like Second Life or similar.

Start by creating your blog on blogger or use wordpress. Don’t be frustrated if you don’t have the talent to write. It does not require a college diploma or a doctoral degree to write. Anyone can be a writer. You just have to be creative and experimental with your writing approach. Writing is also a therapeutic way of pouring out your deepest emotions, which also enhances your personality. Don’t even worry about the elementary rules of grammar when you’re writing in a blog. It’s your blog and your life, express it anyway you wish, and people will still get the idea, even if you can’t spell or conjugate a verb correctly.

After making your blog, go to AdSense.Google.com Google AdSense is a free program which displays significant Google ads to your blogsite and you’ll get paid for every valid click on your blogsite ads. Putting the AdSense code into your site is especially easy with blogger or wordpress blogs.

Another way you can generate income on your blog is make the blog relevant to a certain niche or group topic that is very popular. Then go to a place like clickbank.com or cj.com and sign up to become a free affiliate and you can join many programs and put banners, text links and advertisements on your site and get paid when people click or buy from those links.

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