The Meaning of Blogging – Know This and Never Be Ashamed Again

What in the world is the meaning of blogging? Well, there is really no mystery behind blogs and blogging. Blogging is just another way to say writing for a website known as a blog. Of course, that means that you have to know what a blog is; a blog is a combination term that means web log, and if you think about it for a minute, a web log is just exactly what it says it is.

A log, or series of entries, that is posted online. A blog site is almost like an online diary or journal, where someone who is interested in spreading their opinion, news, or information of any sort, can reach out to the online community and have their say.

So, blogging is really just a way of publishing your ideas, thoughts, or whatever Most blogging is done by individuals with no affiliation to any group or product, but some blogging is done by people who get paid for it.

For the most part, professional blogging is done for the purpose of marketing or advertising. If you own a clothing line, for example, one way for you to advertise that clothing might be to hire people to write blogs about it in the hopes that their articles might fuel interest in your particular t-shirts.

Recently, Keith Olbermann, on his MSNBC news show, Countdown with Keith Olbermann, cited Fox News as the “worst persons in the world.” He claimed that the Fox News Channel is blatant right-wing propaganda. He also noted that President Obama, in a recent TV interview (the same interview, incidentally, as the now-notorious fly-swatting incident, in which, according to news reports on MSNBC, NBC, CBS, CNN and elsewhere, the President demonstrates his “remarkable fly-swatting skills”) claimed that there was at least one news channel dedicated to undermining his administration at all costs. Olbermann suggests that the President was referring to Fox News.

Back in the day when the Republicans controlled both houses as well as the Presidency, a period that might well go down in history as a modern-day Dark Ages or Reign of Terror, the Fox News channel was considered to be the bastion of credible news. So much so that all other news agencies were too afraid even to question their authority.

Fox News, owned by Australian media magnate Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp., had started on the premise that conventional news sources like CNN and network news operated on a principle of a subtle left-wing cultural bias resulting from the educational and social milieu of their journalists. The solution that Fox News apparently proposed was to dedicate a news channel to supposedly “fair and balanced” news coverage. “Fair and balanced” became their watchword, but it soon proved to be ironic. Over time, their supposedly objective news coverage has been exposed as right-wing propaganda that was pretty blatantly pandering to the Bush administration while they were in power.

This brings us to MSNBC’s news lineup. MSNBC is a news channel that is produced as a joint venture, as the name suggests, between Microsoft (the monolithic software giant founded by Bill Gates) and NBC. Their lineup of news shows supposedly offers us the alternative to Fox News, but, as implied by Keith Olbermann, what they are really offering us is left-wing propaganda that panders to the Obama administration.

The tragic consequence of all this government pandering and institutional propaganda is that the number-one casualty in mainstream news coverage is credibility. Where are the Woodwards and Bernsteins of today, with their stunning exposés of corruption in high places? Definitely not at either Fox News or MSNBC.

Perhaps the answer to where we can find credible news sources lies with CNN–still bland and presenting the façade of objectivity while concealing a subtle left-wing bias–who now, apparently, resorts to blogs, Twitter feeds and Facebook posts to supplement their on-site correspondent reports. CNN even encourages you to submit amateur videos via the “iReport” section on their website, which allows them to feature the videos on their news shows after a process of vetting and verification. In fact, in the ongoing Iranian uprisings, where mainstream journalists are being banned and extradited by the authoritarian Iranian regime, western news sources are having to rely on Twitter feeds, blogs and amateur video from Iranian citizens as their news sources.

When blogs aren’t successful, it is usually because the person who is writing the blog runs out of topics to discuss and write about. Updating your blog on a regular basis is one of the main keys to your blog’s success, particularly if you use your blog to promote your business.

Your reader’s prefer fresh material on a regular basis or they may lose interest. If you are running your own business, blogging can be an important SEO tool and a great way to advertise and inform people about your products or services. In the following article, we will review seven different blogging techniques that you can use to inspire new topics for your own blog.

Looking to news and current events for inspiration is the best way to form new topics to keep your blog fresh and interesting. However, you must keep in mind that all of your content must be original even if you got the idea for a topic from someone else. The first blogging technique you can exercise to get new ideas is visiting the search engines. Use some key words that are associated with your blogging niche and run them through the search engines.

From there, you can scroll down the results and see what topics and websites are there. This is a great way to get ideas for your blog and to see how others are using their blogs as SEO tools. The next inspirational blogging technique you will want to try is checking out other peoples’ blogs. Try following their RSS feed via 3rd party tool. Of course, this does not mean that you should copy their topics word for word, but just look for ideas. You will want your own blog to be unique. The next great blogging technique is joining a forum.

Again, you will want to focus on whatever the niche of your blog is and join a forum that is relevant to that niche. When you join a forum, you can see what people are talking about and what they are interested in. When you know what people are interested in finding on your blog, you can get their attention by creating blog post that draw them in.

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