Reasons to Apply For a Family Name Change

apply for a family name change

There are a number of reasons why a person might want to apply for a family name change. Perhaps they married someone that was not legally married, or they took on another person’s identity, or perhaps they changed their last name and want to continue the same name with their new family. Whatever the reason may be, the idea is basically the same: apply for a family name change.

In order to apply for a family name change, you will need to gather the proper documents. Most of these documents include a marriage license or divorce decree, a social security card, and birth certificate. Many people do not realize that these records are required when applying for a change in any aspect of their life.

After gathering the necessary documentation, you can apply at any of the branches of the state Vital Statistics Office. Each office has different procedures and rules for changing a name. Some require proof of name change and others simply require identification. You will generally be fingerprinted and photographed before you apply for a new name. Some offices even have video technology for the applicant to show during the application process.

Once you have completed the necessary paperwork and you are ready to apply for a name change, you should remember one important detail: you should never use someone else’s last name! Using someone’s maiden or family name as your own name may be embarrassing and can cause legal troubles in the future. When applying for a change of name, always use the individual’s name that you are legally assigned. This ensures that your name will remain confidential and that your name will not be shared by another party.

One of the most common reasons people apply for a family name change is to avoid a tainted past. If you were married to someone and divorced them, it is very easy to forget about their name when you begin your personal life. By adopting your child’s name, you can start all over again and avoid the heartache of forgetting another person’s name. Another popular reason for applying for a family name change is immigration status. Many individuals with a family from a certain country may desire to take up that same last name to apply for residency in the United States.

When you apply for a name change, there are some minor inconveniences you may face while waiting for your application to be processed. Depending on the county you apply in, you could be approved for a temporary name change before the official process is completed. In some counties, if you apply and are approved for a temporary name change, this will last only a few weeks. During this period, you will still maintain the maiden name you had before the divorce.

You can apply for a family name change even if you have minor children. If you have a teenage daughter who is starting school or who has just graduated from high school, you can apply for a name change so you can use her maiden name when you start applying for a new job. You can apply for a family name change even if you are trying to start anew after a traumatic event. For instance, if you have been divorced or separated from your partner and are trying to start fresh, you can apply for a family name change so that your new Last Name doesn’t have any ties to your former partner’s name.

When you apply for a family name change, you should always check the vital records database so you know the status of your application. In many instances, if the records are not clear, you can still apply for a family name change. Keep in mind that you may have to pay a nominal fee if you request the records online. If the Vital Records office does not have your information, you may also have to file a court action to get it. However, if all goes well, the change will be granted.

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