Put Your Brain Muscle to Work Playing Fun Physics Games

If you’re the type of online games player who loves getting his/her mind teased while killing some free time on the internet, if your idea of fun is closely related to that of getting yourself absorbed in pulling off the perfect strategies, the right solutions for solving all kinds of puzzles, if that’s what relaxes you, usually, well, then we two sure have a lot in common!

Office Time Wasting Champion

If you think that physics cannot be fun, wait until you play this physics game! It’s one of my favorites especially because its developers have decided to add the fun factor to it, too! Basically what you need to do is help one lazy fellow make those dreadfully long hours at the office pass quicker and in pleasant way by… tossing paper balls into the dustbins. He sure is far, far from winning the title of the “employee of the month”, but he’s so close to becoming a true “office time wasting champion”. If you have a weakness for challenging shooting puzzle games, you must be already accustomed to this type of game-play: you set the angle of your throw, moving the cursor on your screen, then its power, as well, and then… you release the mouse left button and launch your missile, hopefully, in the targeted zone. To this, add a lazy fat clerk and his idea of coping with another dull day at the office and you’ll get an addictive physics game to kill some time… at the office or anywhere you like, while working your brain muscle, too!

Jelly Cannon

This mind-challenging game, with its eye-catching bubbly, jelly-made characters, is another game that has quickly caught my attention and turned me into one of its biggest fans, while I was looking for catchy physics games online F95zone. How could you not fall for it? First of all, its slightly cartoon-like graphics and cute bubbly characters trick you into thinking that your tasks are going to be some super easy ones. Well, you should know that starting with the second level things get trickier and trickier. Your job is to keep popping little angry-faced bubbles and aim at the yellow jelly bubbles on your screen, making them reunite and grow into one single huge yellow bubble. Rely on your strategy skills for setting THE perfect angles before launching each one of those tiny bubbles and making those yellow jelly bubbles bump into one another! The more purple little bubbles you’ll fire at them, the less chances you’ll get to actually unite those jelly-made yellow ones, so… think over your every shot!

Dummy Never Fails

Very much related to the previous 2 games, “Dummy Never Fails”, too, is on my list of shooting puzzle games with a… twist of physics! I could launch that dummy over and over again and I love how the strategically displayed fix and mobile platforms challenge me to pull off the best strategy for firing my rag doll. It also comes with the goal of causing the least amount of pain to your rag doll as possible and some cool skin upgrades that you can use for… fixing your rag doll after all those brutal falls and violent hits. As in the other two games, you move the cursor until you decide upon the perfect shooting angle and then shoot, making your dummy hit the target object. As its tutorial says: “distance from cannon determines the force”!


The fourth physics game on my list sets itself apart from the rest with its different type of game-play. You no longer strategically launch stuff and hit specific target items on your screen, but you… draw. That’s right! Of courses, it’s no doodle competition, but using your knowledge of geometry and great precision for drawing different kinds of protection walls, drawing lines along the blank forms on your screen. The game plot, too, is a catchy one: you’re the “guardian angel” of a poor helpless philanthropist chased by a team of gangsters. They’re determined to fire bombs at him in order to eliminate the poor fellow, so you need to master handle that onscreen pencil for drawing the blank defense walks that will keep him safe from a… violent death. Carefully draw those lines along the given blank forms, uniting all the corners and keeping it straight, for if you don’t stick to the given patterns, your walls might not come out right and turn, from protection into some… deadly weapons for your helpless, goofy-looking protegee!

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