LOTR Action Figures – How To Determine Value

Have you ever wanted to learn how to value LOTR action figures? In order to do this you should understand the different levels of quality, where to get values from and why its essential to keep up-to-date on the prices of your LOTR action figures. Lets get started by showing you how to find out the condition of your figures and where you can check market prices:

1. How do we find out what the state of the LOTR action figures are?

If you have got an action figures and like to know what the actual condition is then you have to base the grade of the action figure as it is described below:

Mint Condition C10: There are no dim colors, decaying paint or filth. It has nice joints and comes with every genuine accessory. Lord of the Rings action figures, if they are even now in the package, have to be evaluated too. That indicates no crinkles, wrinkles, bends, folds, damages or torn tags. Nada!

Near Mint Condition C8-9: Nearly the same to original state with some minor problems such as a couple lacking accessories and a loose joint. No decay in color, dirt or faded colors is desired.

Fine Condition C6-7: A complete shape that is ordinarily called “played with condition” with definitely no lost or damaged limbs or components. It can be missing many of its genuine accessories but not all. Minor wear and tear, faded colors and loss of paint is permitted.

Good Condition C4-5: No original accessories having evident wear, dull colors, loose joints and loss of shade.

Poor Condition C2-3: Uh oh! This item is a mess with quite loose joints, a bunch of faded colors Main lotre and huge loss of paint. It most likely is broken someplace or perhaps MIA limbs. Avoid it!

Very Poor Condition C1: Somebody call an ambulance! This piece was like Humpty Dumpty in a crash and demands the whole cast of Grey’s Anatomy to reconstruct again. These are the guys you maybe burned at the stake and locked fire crackers too as kids… Yep, I said that.

2. Where do I really go to check out LOTR action figure values?

Magazines: Go to your local comic book store and grab a copy of any toy review magazine. It is generally packed with info on what is going on in the market and comes with a price manual. It is a monthly review of the market and hence of the values you want. Get a subscription, if you can afford one, or borrow your friends. It is a monthly market cross sectional view.

3. What should I ignore with LOTR action figure pricing?

Like the stock markets, the Lord of the Rings action figures market can experience bear and bull fluctuations too. The prices do alter more than once a year. You should be checking at a minimum quarterly, even monthly to see what the rates have become. What is popular one year might not be the second. Even big jumps can happen suddenly.

Finally, at the end of the day, it’s all about your enjoyment and what the LOTR action figures are worth to you!

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