Increase Your Email Campaign Effectiveness

How can you maximize the effectiveness of your email campaigns? How can you avoid being considered spam, being blacklisted or damage your reputation with clients and prospects? Today’s email climate has changed dramatically from batch and blast. Below is a list of ten essential tips to keep your email campaigns performing with a high degree of success Email1and1.

Never send unsolicited email or black hat methods to collect email addresses like pre-checked boxes on registration forms. Always use the two-step opt-in method that requires you to get the address confirmed by the end user before it goes into your database.

Be selective when sending out emails. Generating a high number of emails can trigger spam complaints. ISPs will block emails. To manage your reputation, honor unsubscribed requests; stay off blacklists by monitoring and resolving spam complaints quickly; and of course always use the double opt-in procedure and a unique IP address.

Avoid using a list you have no control over. Delete bad names off the list, unsolicited ones or out-of-date and duplicated ones. Also review a list to see who hasn’t opened or clicked in the last six months. You can reach out to these dormant addresses by offering them an enticing promotion to get them to re-engage. If that doesn’t work, you can vary the times you email them to see if that changes the open rate. It’s always better to delete than annoy.

4. Plan for Email Churn

Statistics show that 30% of email addresses become invalid each year (i.e. churn). Therefore you should plan for churn by constantly refreshing your opt-in offers or strategies to keep lists fresh. Good email marketing will maintain clean lists and engage subscribers with new retention programs.

Building your email list is essential, but not at the expense of quality. Would you rather reach 100 people who have little or marginal interest in your product or service or 5 people who are very interested and fit your target market? Focus on your target market and add names accordingly. Focusing in on your high-value prospects and customers will deliver a higher rate of return or response and a greater chance to be successful.

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