If you’ve examine my Rule #2 then you’re in all likelihood quite confused.

  I spent that complete article arguing that clients HATE surprises.

Customers simply HATE surprises.  What they love is to be reassured with what they recognize, with the acquainted.  But, once you have suit your commercial enterprise into their comfort sector, as a way to hold them satisfied and ravenously unswerving Visit :-  แทงบอลแจกเครดิตฟรี

It’s just like the woman who desperately desires a husband for the security and familiarity the wedding relationship guarantees but, as soon as she’s a Mrs., is quick disillusioned  without the passion, excitement, and surprise of the prenuptial courtship.

[Did that sound sexist?  Maybe it is – but it’s true… I know that from experience.  It could also be the driving force behind why my female clients understand, accept, and internalize this concept much more readily than their male counterparts.]

If how all this works continues to be a touch fuzzy, let me come up with a few concrete examples of what I mean.

EXAMPLE #1 – My favourite concert

Years in the past I noticed Chuck Mangione in a university health club.  The display started out with his then modern hit “Feels So Good.”  The relaxation of the primary 1/2 of the show featured one “acquainted” hit track after any other.  By the time we were given to intermission, everyone in the target audience was “feeling so correct.”

Then, right earlier than the second half of started out, Chuck got here out and made an declaration – a part of which turned into this, “Please withhold your applause until the set is whole and the lighting pass down.”  The target market sat quietly shocked and stressed because the band silently lower back to the level wearing monk-like robes and, beneath eerily subdued lighting fixtures, played the tune from Chuck Mangione’s at that point unreleased “Children of Sanchez” album.

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