How Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Really Works by Weeding and Seeding the Garden of Your Soul

Now just imagine for a moment if you will, that your mind is just like a garden. Of course everybody knows that even the best kept gardens grow weeds, and weeds as you know spread like wildfire. Now your garden may well be filled with beautiful flowers and you may be planting tiny seeds that will blossom in time. but the roots of the weeds go much deeper and are already established. Any good gardener will tell you that if you try to remove the weeds by simply pulling them up or chopping the tops off, they’re more likely to come back or worse still, spread and you’ll find more weeds (symptoms or problems) than when you first began.

So what about the soil in your garden? for this is where the weeds or flowers grow. Now the soil in your seeds of garden garden is like your subconscious mind and the grass is like the conscious mind, that’s the bit that’s easier to see, and then of course there is the part of you that’s most visible, (to yourself and others) the weed or flower itself. The weeds are your bad habits, anxiety, limiting beliefs, illnesses, problems, phobias.

Now some therapies simply treat and deal with the behaviour or symptom, which is like chopping the weed up, invariably they return. Of course in the short term you may feel better, just like starting a diet, or losing weight, there’s a temporary improvement and it seems as though it’s working, then the weight returns, and often more, because the real cause of the weight, your underlying issue, was never cleared. The result? More weight, (more weeds.)

Transpersonal Hypnotherapy will remove your problems (weeds) by helping you to change the original experience, memory, thought, feeling or belief that triggers and/or sustains your current problem and remove it. Once your root issues are healed and transformed, your problem (the weeds) simply cease to exist.

Once you start weeding and seeding the garden of your soul, you will never look back, for whilst the root systems of many of these weeds run deep, many of them are connected. As soon as you begin to dig a little and start healing your roots, you will be amazed how quickly everything in your garden will begin to grow, blossom and flourish and you’ll start to feel a greater happiness within your life.

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