How to Replace Your Toilet Seal

Most of us appreciate the many uses of a kitchen sink, showers with hot water straight from the tap, and indoor plumbing, but sometimes plumbing can be a real pain when something goes wrong. A clogged sink or a backed up toilet can create a stressful and messy situation. Fortunately, when your plumbing starts to have issues there are a few common problems that can be pinpointed as the cause of your plumbing troubles.

One of the most common plumbing problems that many people run into is a bad smell coming from the toilet on a consistent basis. Although it may seem like the leak detection las vegas toilet is an obvious place for bad smells, your toilet shouldn’t have a consistent bad odor. If you find that you have this problem, it is most likely caused by a broken seal that is causing leakages underneath the toilet. If you think it’s time to call for help with your plumbing, Las Vegas has the plumbers to help. If the latter, you need to first shut off the water supply to the toilet then flush the toilet until the tank is empty. Soak up any remaining water.

Remove the caps and nuts at the base of the toilet. Disconnect the water supply line to the toilet. Gently rock the toilet back and forth until you break the seal and any caulking. Remove the toilet. Now put the new seal in place with the round side up, centered over the opening with the bolts in place. Replace the toilet carefully. Now sit on it to help create the new seal. Now reconnect the water supply line, re-install the bolts, and turn your water supply on and the problem should be taken care of.

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