Grandparents – How to Choose a Baby Seat for Your New Grandchild

Most people find they will have several car seats, one for the baby, possibly one for the infant and then don’t forget the booster seat for the older child. Of course if this is your first appareils de musculation baby then that will be different. Then you must consider who else will be transporting your child from time to time. You, your husband, the grandparents maybe friends and all of these considerations need to be taken into account when choosing the best car seat/s to purchase. For absolute safety the seats should be installed professionally. You should never let your child travel in any car without a correctly fitted baby car seat, appropriate to their age of course. So this brings us to the grandparents even though they may not be transporting your child on a regular basis all the following points apply.

This article has been written for the new grandparents. You may be wondering how to choose a baby seat for your new grandchild especially if you’ll be frequently involved in her care while her mother has to work. There are quite a few aspects to consider when choosing baby’s seat; obviously your top priority will be safety but you also need to think about how easily the seat can be installed in your car. This article will help you decide which seat to choose.

Front or Rear Facing: It is universally acknowledged that very small babies are safer in a rear facing seat. Most top rated baby car seats can keep a child in the rear facing position until their weight reaches 30/45 pounds.

Convertible Baby Seat: Economically, it’s wise to choose a new baby car seat which will convert to a front facing seat suitable for a larger baby or a toddler. Alternatively, you could buy a seat suitable for a small baby then follow it up with a 3 in 1 seat which will carry weights between 20 and 100 pounds, the Peg Perego baby seats are excellent as they have a higher weight limit in both the infant seat as well as there convertible seats. Check out the reviews on this site.

Baby Car Seat Installation: All manufacturers will tell you that their car seat is easy to install. I recommend that you read reviews written by people who have actually bought a seat and check what they have to say about installation.

Harness: Top baby car seats have a five point harness which means that there are two shoulder straps, two hip straps and a crotch strap. It should be adjustable from the front while the baby is in the seat. You should not consider any seat that does not have the 5 point harness.

Safety Certification: Make sure that the baby seat meets federal safety standards and has undergone appropriate crash testing including side impact testing. Energy absorbing foam provides additional protection and a sturdy construction will mean that the seat won’t disintegrate under stress. Check out my other article “What is the Best Baby Car seat to Buy?” you will find some great information in it.

Comfort: The head rest should be of a wrap-around style providing support should baby’s head roll to the side. Straps should be easily adjustable; in particular check that crotch straps are long enough, particularly if you’re buying a convertible baby car seat for use when baby is a bit older.

Removal: If you want to be able to remove the seat to carry baby around, make sure that the removal mechanism is easy to use. Many top rated baby car seat manufacturers market a base to fit their products which converts the seat to a stroller. This is very useful and makes life much easier for the grandparent to move baby from car to stroller when shopping.

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