God Sends you Helpers

Most people barely recognize the fact that they are a part of God’s help to those in need. Everybody needs the help of God at one time or another. Christianity and religion are often associated with the outward signs of God’s help but, in reality, all of God’s children and creatures are placed on this earth as helpers.

Made to see the light

Many people have little need of what the more “average” person might call help. It seems that these people have 請外傭. everything that they could possibly want or need. In many respects, however, these people may be in need of help the most. Maybe they are providing financial support for those that are at the margins, but feel lost or alone. They are part of God’s help, and in need of it, yet you have failed to see it. Showing them the light, that God is waiting for them and will help, is just another way of showing them that there is help to use and that that they are not alone.

The good in everyone

Christianity teaches us that everyone is thy brother and that we should forgive. Many times, it may be lost that the Lord forgives in a world of death and violence. If we cannot forgive then we are the flawed creatures that we were made to be. But God forgives us. Christianity holds this for all to see and emulate. Even in times of trouble God’s help is there for us to see and emulate. Warring parties stop to comfort a dying enemy; a racist person stands for a different race because it is the Christian thing to do. You may not feel it in yourself, but it is there. God is within all of us to help their brother.

All creatures great and small

Vanity is one of those things that people following Christianity are taught to avoid. But every person on the earth is perpetually guilty of it. We place ourselves at the top of the food chain even though a tiger would make short work of us; and we cast ourselves in social norms and moors that make us superior to one another. But, perhaps the greatest helpers from God are the animals that we domesticate and pass off as inferior when they are actually the best helpers. When a life saving situation arises we ask animals to give us help, when a field needs to be plowed we ask animals to help and when we feel low we ask animals to help. God provides help, and often it comes from the most obvious places; animals, the cool shade of a tree, the cool water of a stream or the driving rain of a monsoon. These are all Gods’ creations and his help for our physical and moral well being.

God’s helpers/yourself

To “thine own self be true” it is often said. Helping yourself to find your God is the best help that he has given you. His help is always there, but for you to ask and find it. Christianity [http://www.lifepsychic.com/Category/Religion.aspx] puts you on the right path but it is up to you to walk through your own door.

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