Firefighting Jobs!

Firefighting jobs are hard to come by nowadays. The requirements and standards set by the Fire Departments have increased in recent years due to the demand on application. This isn’t to say that you do not have a chance of becoming a firefighter. There are many different ways to enter this amazing career; you just have to keep an open mind.

Working as a Firefighter you get to experience a variety of jobs. You have the opportunity to specialise in nylon fire radio strap. a lot of fields. You can go down the path of becoming a paramedic, an emergency medical technician, volunteer firefighter, fire inspector, and many more. So it is not to say that your options only revolve around becoming a full-time firefighter.

You will not know your niche until you actually begin working in the environment. Many people’s perceptions change once faced with the day-to-day tasks of a job. The best thing is that if you genuinely have a passion for this career then there is something in it that will suit your qualities and capabilities!

There is a long road to travel before you even step foot on a fire truck or ambulance. Here are a few of the processes you will have to go through when applying for Firefighting Jobs:

RESEARCH – Get to know the different types of jobs available. Look into each sector in detail and become familiar with the type of work involved and the type of cases you could be attending. Look into the Department you wish to apply to. This is vital as it will give you an understanding of the area and if there will be many firefighting jobs available. Research the firefighter salary this will give you an idea of what to expect. Another great tip for when you are in the research phase of your journey is to contact your local Fire Department and request a day’s work experience. Most fire houses are happy to accommodate up and coming firefighters and will answer any questions or queries you may have. Most importantly though, you will get to feel the atmosphere and see for yourself what lays ahead of you!

EDUCATION – Although a degree is not necessary to join the Fire Department, there are some things you can do that will greater your chances of being hired. There are courses available in many colleges around the world that offer diplomas, certificates and higher qualifications in EMT (Emergency Medical Technician), Fire Safety, Fire Science, Hazardous Materials, Paramedic training, Emergency Medical Dispatcher, etc., etc. These can be short courses and can improve your chances by showing the interviewers that you have a genuine interest in the work.

PHYSICAL TRAINING – It goes without saying that a strong physical health is paramount to this career. It is not a desk job that consists of sitting all day. You will be constantly active and have to be prepared for any outcome when arriving at an emergency situation. You do not know what you will face on the other side so be prepared for example; to carry a 15 stone man, down 3 flights of stairs on your own, in intense heat and poor visibility! This is not over exaggerating, it is a very realistic scenario and trust me there are a lot more difficult tasks ahead. Be under no illusion, you will be pushed to your limits, so be prepared, you can start today by having a healthy diet and building up your physical strength!

THE WRITTEN EXAM – This can seem daunting to any person. Everyone’s capabilities differ when it comes to exams. The pressure of the test, their individual ability to understand questions, their ability to retain information. What I want to get across is that it is not the end of the road if you feel this is not your best strength. You have the opportunity of an interview with a panel to get across your desire for the job and showcase your skills and personality. However, it is important to have some knowledge, so if this is not your forte still give it your all and study as much as you can. Give it your best shot! Leave yourself with no doubt in your mind that you did everything you could.

THE INTERVIEW – Now is the time to shine. You have been through the strain of the written exam, you have trained and researched firefighting jobs thoroughly, now show them what you have got. Be yourself, do not try to lie or cover up who you are, it never works. People hire people, not some fabricated persona or what is on paper. Be concise, passionate, and focused. Remember the people sitting on the panel are not there to find fault with you, they want you to succeed!

LET THE GAMES BEGIN – If you get to this stage and have been successful in the interview phase then Now is when the exciting times commence! You will proceed onto recruit (or rookie) training. The journey until now has been long but you have to keep focused and ensure you exceed all expectations when applying for firefighting jobs. To become a Firefighter is one of the toughest processes to endure. You will be trained physically, mentally and strategically. You will come out of this and walk into the Fire House as a Firefighter!

The next chapter in this journey takes on so many other aspects! It is a book in itself. So get started now. Follow your dream and with the step by step guidelines above and you cannot go far wrong! There is also a lot of information out there on the history of firefighting and worldwide firefighting so use the internet to your advantage!

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