Does the Lion King Have a Place in Broadway?

disgraced on broadway

There is no doubt about it; Enron, the Savings and Loan Guarantee Corporation, and the six largest residential mortgage companies in the United States are all under investigation by the Federal Government for their role in the collapse of the American economy. Now the spotlight has turned to the world of Broadway and a number of prominent actors and actresses have found themselves in the cross hairs of the Government for their part in the economic meltdown. Take a look at what is brewing for some of the most beloved Broadway shows. Some may find themselves on the verge of losing their seats.

One of the most highly respected and long-running shows, Cats, is currently facing a possible run out of a run after a new book was published that claimed the show was deeply in debt. Then there is Lion King, which faced the same fate as the Cats of the Carolinas. The Lion King was scheduled to begin performances this month but could be on the brink of finding itself out of commission altogether.

Due to a recent string of productions around Christmas time, the curtain was drawn on the lucrative curtain treatment market. Producers and directors were unable to find investors to cover the production cost of these popular shows, so they were forced to search for smaller theatres that could show them. A number of these locations have closed, while others remain.

This brings us to The Lion King and Cats. Both of these popular shows are facing inevitable shutdowns due to financial problems. The Lion King had previously received mixed reviews from viewers but a recent round of bad reviews seemed to put those opinions on the negative side of things. The Cats, on the other hand, is still performing strongly. As with most musicals, the future seems bleak for these popular musicals.

While there is a possibility that the curtain will soon be pulled on the remaining Cats of the Carolinas, there is also a chance that both shows could find a new life on another Broadway circuit. It would be great news for The Lion King and Cats if both of these musicals were able to find new life on another Broadway musical. In recent years, Ben Stiller and Jennifer Aniston have decided to try their luck on Broadway and were able to bring the shows to a successful run. It does not hurt that they have great leading roles in the two shows.

Unfortunately, The Lion King is not the only musical that is facing a possible cancellation. The Phantom of the Opera is also facing a cancellation after its disappointing performance last week. Expectations for this show were extremely high, but it failed to live up to those expectations. Other shows, such as Cats, are not doomed.

If you are a fan of the Lion King or The Phantom of the Opera then you may want to continue the excitement by finding a good online source of theater tickets. These tickets can be purchased at a discount, which will make your trip to the theatre even more affordable. You will be glad to know that there are many other shows that are performing on the Broadway circuit as well. Shows such as Cats are not necessarily a sure thing, but they are often worth a try. You may even find a new favorite show.

The next time you want to see a Broadway show you may want to check out the list that is provided by this website. You will be able to find many shows that are currently playing and where they are going to. This can help you plan your next visit to Broadway. Keep in mind that with tickets you will need to pay for them upfront. Be sure that you are prepared to pay for these tickets before you purchase them.

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