Design and Build Houses on a Budget

Are you one among the people who think that you have to pay through your nose in order to design and build your house? Well, think again! The fact that a lot of money needs to be invested in building your house is not necessarily true. You can design and build the house of your dreams on a tight budget. Building your house on a fixed budget will prove to be a wise choice especially in times like these when the world is still trying to overcome the effects of recession it faced just a couple of years ago.

Before you run into conclusions, let me tell you that you will not have to compromise on the any aspect of quality just because you are going to design and build your house on a budget. Well, now that I have got your interest, let me tell you how you can go about doing it.

Choose the right plot

Don’t be hasty and buy plots that come under budget building lots. Though they are advertised using the word “budget”, they are not necessarily cost effective. Most often than not, there lots are in places that are filled with rocks and trees. So, you may actually end up buying the land at a reasonable price, but you will have to spend a large amount on getting the rocks crushed or the trees cleared. Instead, it is recommended that you opt for building lots that have access to water, gas and electric lines.

Get estimates

If you are looking to avail professional help in order to design and build your house, then, don’t just approach one person or organization. Get in touch with as many as possible and get them to give you a rough estimate of the total cost. Though it might be tempting to give away the construction contract completely to one company, think twice before you do it because there exist companies that will bill you twice the cost for materials that you can find easily at affordable prices. Compare the estimates well and outweigh the pros and cons before you choose your company.

Keep the house simple

If you are looking to design and build your house on a budget, then, keep the shape of the house simple. Don’t opt for shapes that constitute a triangle, hexagon or trapezoids. Opt for simple square or rectangular shapes which are easy to build and hence will save you some money. The more complex the shape it, the more cost it will involve. Also, don’t opt for ceiling that are shaped like a dome or resemble a cathedral. Instead, go in for simple roof lines that will not only look elegant but will also be light on your pocket.

Build small but tall

Yes, this is true! The best way to control costs when you design and build your house is by keeping it compact horizontally but extending it vertically. This is because the cost incurred for laying the foundation and the roof will be less in small building irrespective of the number of floors they house.

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