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What is a craft beer blog? A blog where you can get up to date information on the breweries that make different types of brews. It’s the brainchild of two guys, one is a professional brewer, and the other has been a devoted homebrewer for about 15 years. They felt a need to put together an easy to read site that would give their fans some info on the breweries in their area, as well as help them learn about some of the fine microbreweries that are popping up all over the United States. Here’s what they offer at craft beer blog.

They host a craft beer blog called Brewing Inbox. It’s not really like a regular blog, but instead is a place for people who live near or in the breweries to interact with the owners and staff of the breweries. You can get great sneak peeks at new releases, view history and travel articles, learn about the microbrewery operation, meet the brewers and more.

The Michigan Beer Blog covers all of Michigan, including the state capitol. The Michigan Beer Blog has a simple interface, but it looks like a professional site. There are no comments section, but they have a place to connect to other users, which is great for networking. Michigan breweries are pretty well represented as well. You can find news and features on everything Michigan breweries have to offer, along with links to other sites that focus on Michigan breweries.

The Oregon Beer Blog is maintained by an Oregon based microbrewery owner and consultant. The Oregon Beer Blog features news, articles, free appetizers, and recipes, and also has an “influencers” area where other craft breweries in Oregon can add their URL and contact information. Oregon is home to many great microbreweries, so if you have a website you want to promote in this state, this is a great way to connect with the community. If you have a delicious beer, send a few messages to the authors of the blog and maybe they will feature your brew as an ingredient in their next release.

For those who live outside of the USA, but want to keep up on American beer releases, there is the “American Beer Blog” for you. This blog posts news about new beer releases, along with a brief description and thoughts about the new batch. The author of the blog is Austin Sprinkle. There are often several posts about different beers each week, along with links to articles, videos, and photos of upcoming events, such as the Octoberfest party in Portland, or the tapping of autumn season pints at the bar of The Harborside Hotel in Philadelphia.

If you want to get local breweries involved, there is the “breweries blogging” site. This blog offers up to date information on new and small breweries based all around the United States. While this blog is only released every Thursday, you can find all the information you need to keep an eye on breweries in your area by subscribing to the “brewers mailing list” which is sent out twice a month. The “subscribe” button will take you to a page where you can enter your name and email address in order to receive the newsletter.

If you want a more international view of craft beer, check out “brewery newschools”. This blog features educational articles focusing on different aspects of making and releasing beer from the United Kingdom. There are articles on new microbreweries opening, tips for pairing beers from different countries, and history of some great British breweries such as Reddington’s and Widemouth breweries. The author, Guy Hamilton, is currently the head brewer at Widemouth brewery. He has been a professional brewer for nearly 20 years, so you can trust what you are reading.

With social media taking on a big role in online social interaction, breweries should consider using social media marketing to create content. Many craft breweries have created Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media pages specifically for their breweries. By creating content and posting it to these platforms you can reach a lot of people without having to spend a ton of money on ads. This will help maintain interest in the brand and increase exposure.

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