Buying Land in Panama

Buying real estate in Panama is a great investment and smart choice for savvy buyers. The land in Panama encompasses an amazing selection of choices ranging from land along the Pacific coast to wooded property in the interior to the sultry real estate along the Caribbean coast.

Panama is a tropical paradise that offers a wealth of amenities such as low crime rates, low population density, friendly natives, and very low pollution. Best of all Panama land is affordable especially when compared with other countries in the Caribbean or along the Pacific coast. The great climate found in Panama is a prime attraction to many who are interested in buying real estate in the country. The country has two main seasons. Verano is the dry season that occurs in the summer period from ofertas en Panamá January to May. Invierno is the rainy winter season that extends from May to December.

The land in Panama encompasses the mountainous terrain in the interior of the country. This provides opportunities to purchase Panama land that offers cool breezes that are common in the highland areas. If tropical breezes along the coast are what you desire, Panama has a vast selection of beachfront property along the Pacific and Caribbean coasts. Land surrounding and adjacent to the numerous lakes in Panama provide opportunities for purchasing homes and developing home sites.

One of the great aspects of buying land in Panama is the 20-year property tax exemption for foreigners and nationals who purchase real estate in Panama. This law was created to encourage investment and development in Panama. However, this exemption is scheduled to expire at the end of 2009.

Since Panama uses the U.S. Dollar as its currency, this provides much more stability with the currency and exchange rates. The infrastructure in Panama is good and all services found in other developed countries can be found here. Internet access, cell phone coverage, cable TV service, and other utilities are available in most parts of the country. In Panama City, all the expected infrastructure and services are found in abundance.

Buying land in Panama is especially attractive for retirees because of the many discounts and special incentives offered to both nationals and foreigners. These incentives range from discounts on utility bills, airline tickets, loans, medicine, professional and technical services, and admission to movie theaters, sporting events, and other cultural activities.

The natural beauty of Panama land is a main attraction for those coming to Panama. The variety of outdoor activities that are offered enhances the natural beauty. Deep sea fishing off of both coasts of the country is a world-class attraction. Surfing, wild-water rafting, kayaking, and snorkeling are other activities that are available in the waters within Panama and along its coasts. In addition to the Panama land that is available for sale, the country has preserved a great deal of its lands in the many national parks in the country. There are several wildlife preserves and refuges in Panama. By ensuring that the flora and fauna of the country is protected in its national parks, this greatly enhances the value of the real estate land that is available in Panama.

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