Blog Marketing Methods

Creating a blog can be fairly easy, but just having a blog doesn’t mean anyone will be reading it. There are endless amounts of blogs and websites. A blog has be to marketed in order to drive traffic to it. This article will discuss the various ways to do blog marketing.

Having a lot of links to a blog, is one way to increase traffic. The more links that are out there, the more likely people are to click on them. The more links the better . Back links are also a way to improve search engine rankings. Having links on a higher ranked website or blog can boost rankings. Getting links to a blog is a job that is never done. As long as a blogger is updating their blog and wants more readers they will need to be finding places to post links.

Some bloggers that have money to spare decide to use paid directories. These directory websites don’t accept all blogs, so if a blogger can get on one, it shows that a blog is high quality. Bloggers have to pay to be in a directory. Some think it’s worth it because in the long run it makes them more money. However, when just starting out, many bloggers need to use free marketing opportunities.

Using forums and message boards is a very popular way to market a blog. Bloggers can find forums that are related to their blog topic. They can make posts and include a link their to their blog in their signature. Bloggers need to be careful when doing this, because they don’t want their link to appear to be spam. Posting it on only relevant forums is important because then people are more interested in the topic and may think the blogger is an expert. Therefore, they are more likely to follow the link.

If a blogger knows of other blogs that cover the same topic, they can go to those blogs and leave comments. You can complement the other blogger and tell them to check out your blog. This will drive those bloggers and their readers to your blog. This is a great way to get seen, however this can be tricky. Other bloggers may be offended if they know your intention is to drive traffic to your blog. They want to keep their readers just as you want to gain new ones. Keep your comments friendly, and maybe you can even get another blogger to put a link to your blog on theirs if you do it in return.

Videos can be a great way to do blog marketing. Creating videos that are related to your blog and then posting them on video directories can drive traffic to your blog. Post a video on YouTube and put a link to your blog. If people like the video, they will visit your blog. Videos can be fun to make, and they give bloggers something different to do besides just writing.

Another blog marketing method is to use press releases. You can write your own or pay and have one written about your blog. Press releases can be submitted to various news websites. If they post your press release you can get a lot more traffic. Plus, having a link to your blog on a news website will help increase your blog ranking.

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