Becoming A Self-Published Author With Amazon

Receiving multiple rejection letters consistently can be extremely disappointing for any aspiring author, however, individuals desiring to become published authors can now do so with the help of Amazon! Books are now readily available amazon, thanks to Amazon Kindle. No more trips to the local bookstore are necessary. By selecting the appropriate button, viewers can now download all of the new romance novels, cookbooks, and e-zines they desire… This same opportunity is also available to writers too! Amazon has provided multiple avenues to help launch the writing career of anyone wishing to become a self-published author, and through understanding the self-publishing options made available through Amazon and implementing self-promotion strategies, becoming a self-published author can become a reality. This brief article aims to discuss these opportunities, and provide further direction for those wishing to take advantage of the Amazon platform.

Self-Publishing Options Of Amazon

There are three main ways currently available to publish bodies of work on the Amazon platform. Regardless of which option authors select, they are guaranteed to earn passive income on every single e-book they successfully sell; in addition, each e-book they publish will become readily available to the vast Amazon audience of readers and enthusiasts. The three main self-publishing options of Amazon are CreateSpace, Kindle, and Advantage.

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CreateSpace: Via CreateSpace, authors simply fill requests as they are requested, so there’s no up-front cost for inventory. Individuals choosing to use CreateSpace simply agree to a non-exclusive agreement upon joining, which still grants them the ability to take advantage of publishing opportunities that may become available in the future. Authors of CreateSpace also receive their very own ISBN or UPC number, in the case that they don’t have one created already for each product made available for sale.

Kindle: The Digital Text Platform is available for authors who wish to retain all rights to their work and publish them via Amazon’s Kindle store. It’s extremely easy to publish an e-book with the Amazon Kindle; by simply uploading a.doc or.PDF copy of your e-book, you can easily take advantage of the Digital Text Platform available via Amazon.

Advantage: With the Advantage option Amazon provides, writers can sell their e-books directly on and take advantage of the promotional opportunities available through the website that ensure authors’ bodies of work sell quickly.

Amazon allows authors to create their own prices and even select the royalty percentage that best suits them. Any author who has a body of work can easily self-publish through Amazon and quickly expose their words to millions of customers with the click of a button! Although self-publishing is a great opportunity, self-promotion is often necessary to draw more attention and create greater levels of success.

Self-Promoting Your Amazon E-book

In order for people to purchase a book, they have to know that it’s available for sale. Self-promotion is important for any author publishing through the platform. Methods such as Facebook and Google ad space are recommended, and depending on the keywords selected, aren’t overly expensive and may help in reaching a broader audience. Free websites and blogs, which include links for buyers, are also proven ways to attract more visitors to e-book listings. However, when all else fails, word of mouth is always effective! By sharing your new e-book listing with friends, family, associates, and social networks, the sales are guaranteed to start “rolling in”.

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