An ERP Software for Logistics

For companies who don’t have in-house experts in logistics The question of how to handle the logistics of the shipping process is often a reason for hiring a third party logistics (3PL) provider this is a method that rarely results in a wide range of shipping solutions , but is more expensive than the use of logistic software-also referred to as freight management software-which functions as a logistics specialist and lets companies choose different shipping options with an easy-to-use interface Agriculture Supply Chain Management.¬†While logistics solutions that aren’t those that use freight management programs aren’t necessarily bad, they are typically more costly and less comprehensive.¬†Here, we take a look at some of the indicators which indicate your company could gain from switching to a logistics software solution.

Feeling Disconnected From an 3PL Provider

The biggest complaint made by 3PL customers who do business with 3PLs is that the channel of communication between the service provider and client isn’t fluid. Although not having a conversational to your 3PL provider isn’t necessarily an indication that your logistics process could be improved, it’s the way 3PLs run their businesses: staying at their position atop the logistics function by withholding details related to logistics. If you’d really like to know what is it that your 3PL provider isn’t telling you regarding your real range of delivery options, an logistics software tool will provide an answer.

Contracts that have more than 1 3PL Provider

If you’re on a strict budget or you are trying to cut costs on logistics for shipping, you might have several agreements with standard 3PL service providers or service developers, which means that there isn’t an integrated plan for your shipping procedure. Although specialized service oriented 3PLs are able to meet your requirements with carriers, they don’t integrate carriers for improved delivery time and decreased shipping costs. With freight management software you are able to incorporate all modes of transportation (road railway air, sea, and air) to increase delivery times and lower the cost of delivery.

Broken Freight at the Time of Arrival

While its rare to never encounter broken freight, some firms experience it more frequently than they should because they ship using the wrong carrier to handle the load. A key aspect of optimizing freight is making sure that the freight is properly stacked and transported with other types of freight (especially in LTL shipping) which won’t cause harm. If you have problems with your freight on a regular basis the chances are you have a problem with your shipping process that can be easily fixed with tools for managing your freight.

Feeling that you have no control over The Shipping Procedure

Because the cost of shipping is one of the biggest costs for shipping companies each shipper should have as much control over its shipping processes as they can. When shippers contract with 3PL providers, they lose control of the shipping process leaving them in a risk of being overcharged and not fully informed. Freight management software permits companies to become their own logistics providers and regain control over their shipping process and saving money at the same time.

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